How to write a short business description?

A graphic image of a person reading a book, to depict Business Descriptions.

Establishing your goals

Creating a business description is an important part of your business journey. It will help you define your goals and explain what your business stands for. It is important to think carefully when writing your business description as it is the first thing potential customers and clients will see.

When writing a business description, you should include a company description, your mission and core values, and a brief history of your business. In the company description, you should explain what your business does and why it exists.

For example, you could share what services or products you offer and how your business is unique. Your mission statement should explain your vision for the future, while your core values should reflect the principles that guide your business. Any history of your business should provide context and detail on your journey so far. Incorporating these elements into your business description will help you define your goals and give potential customers and clients a better understanding of your business.

Formulating your business description

Your business description is an essential part of your company’s success. It helps potential customers to quickly and easily understand what services you offer and how you stand out from the competition.

When writing your description, you want to keep it short and sweet. At Words.Tel you can add up to 80 words to your business description. That is why it is important to focus on the most important aspects of your business and avoid getting into too much detail. Your description should answer the questions “what do you do” and “why do you do it?” and also contain the main keywords that define your business. For more help on Keywords and how to be seen on Google you can also have a look at our SEO recommendations.

Make sure your description is consistent with how your company is portrayed in other marketing materials and reflects the theme of your memorable phrase. Use professional language that reflects the brand’s image.

As inspiration, you can look at business description examples from other companies in your industry. You may also want to consult a business coach or mentor for additional guidance.

Refining your description

For your Words.Tel business description, aim for no more than 80 words. It should include a brief overview of the company’s purpose and the products or services it offers. For example, you could include information about the company’s competitive edge and why customers should choose it over similar businesses.

An example of a good business description could be: “Norfolk Tech Services is a technology start-up that focuses on developing innovative solutions to solve today’s consumer needs. We bring together a diverse team of experts to provide cutting-edge solutions to a range of industries.” This description is short, simple, and to the point, outlining the company’s goal and purpose.