How to use our Phrase Factory AI

Have a great idea for a phrase with Words.Tel Phrase Factory

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is broadly defined as a simulation of intelligence in machines. Typically designed to mimic human intelligence, AI particularly replicates our problem-solving and decision-making abilities. 

As a field of computer science, AI has made rapid advances since the 1950s. We now use AI in our everyday lives, often without thinking about it. Some examples look like:

  • Virtual assistants (such as Alexa or Siri) understanding and responding to your voice commands
  • Streaming services and social media apps recommending personalised content to you
  • Using Face ID to unlock your phone

More recently, we’ve seen a significant improvement in AI’s ability to generate text and images based on prompts. The company OpenAI has developed a widely-discussed chatbot called ChatGPT, which is capable of producing human-like text in response to questions and requests. In addition to answering trivia questions, the AI can promptly produce drafts for emails, articles, and social media posts. It can even write or debug code! 

These types of AIs, known as Large Language Models (LLMs), can turn out impressive results and are surprisingly easy to use. They aren’t perfect yet, but instead of viewing their output as a replacement for content written by a human, we might want to think of them as tools for efficiency and inspiration. That’s where the AI, The Phrase Factory®, comes in.

How to use the AI

Creating your own memorable taglines to be remembered and found is the core of Crafting that perfect phrase is a creative process that can take time and effort, and sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration.

Fortunately, has its very own AI assistant to help you: The Phrase Factory®. If you’re wondering how to use AI to help you with your taglines, you’re in the right place. Let’s take you through it, step by step. 

This AI is designed to generate memorable phrases based on your business. You simply need to fill in the necessary information and it will create a whole batch of custom phrases for you. Here’s what you’ll need to input: 

Description – This is where you’ll describe your business/activity in a simple sentence. If you had to summarise your business in a few words, how would you do it? You may want to stick to its core services or selling points. 

Business name Self-explanatory, simply input your business name. This is an optional feature and you might want to see what the AI generates without it. 

Excluded words This is an optional feature that prevents the AI from generating phrases with certain words. Just input the words you want to exclude separated by commas. For example, if you run a funeral service, you may want to avoid sensitive words such as ‘dead’ or ‘death’. 

Phrase styles Inform the style of phrase the AI will generate. Will it take more creative liberty, or will it focus more on describing what the business does? Do you want them to be serious or more lightweight? You can select a combination of two different phrase styles, e.g. ‘Classic phrases’ and ‘Catchy phrases’. It’s recommended that you play around with different combinations to see how the results differ.

Languages – There is a drop-down menu of languages to select from. The AI will generate phrases in the language you have selected.

Once you’ve got this filled in, it’s time to hit that suggest phrases button and let the AI do its magic!

Examples of AI generated phrases

Let’s use an example and see what the AI generates for us.

Imagine that you own a bakery and you’ve put your description as ‘bread and pastries’, and selected ‘Creative’ and ‘Catchy’ as the phrase styles.

Here’s what the AI gives us:

As you can see, it’s given us 10 phrases to choose from, any of which we could adapt into our own tagline.

In fact, you can select any of these and Buy this phrase and go ahead and reserve it straight away!

If you’d like to see more phrases, simply hit ‘Suggest more’ and the AI will generate another set based on the details you’ve already input.

Alternatively, if you like how one phrase sounds in particular, make sure to select it – let’s say ‘flour power’ – and you’ll have the option of ‘Suggest more like flour power’. In this case, the AI will generate a fresh set similar to the highlighted phrase.

If you’d like a re-do, maybe with some edits to your description, select Start Again.

Here’s another example, this time for a tradesperson who entered ‘plumbing and heating’.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use a short and simple description that includes keywords representative of your business.
  • Play around with different phrase styles. In particular, give ‘Creative phrases’ a go.
  • Select phrases that are relevant, memorable, and can induce an emotional reaction (such as an amusing pun).
  • Be creative and use the AI-generated phrases as a springboard. Modify them or use them as inspiration for your own ideas.


  • Input your business name first. It can restrict the AI’s results – try it without first.
  • Pick overly generic or classic phrases. You need something unique that sticks in people’s minds as your tagline.
  • Try to fit too much into a description or phrase. Complexity will make it harder to remember. 
  • Feel like you’re stuck with the first batch of results. Keep searching with different inputs, make use of the ‘Suggest more’ function, and combine them with your own ideas.

Ready to give The Phrase Factory® a go? Try it now and register your first phrase for free.