How to create your taglines: The importance of short, memorable phrases

how to make your own short memorable tagline

In today’s fast-paced world, standing out from the competition is more important than ever. Creating a memorable phrase or tagline for your business is something you often see, even without realising. But how do you come up with a slogan that is short, catchy, and related to your business?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of taglines, how to use marketing, psychology, creativity to create the perfect one, and how Words.Tel can help you with AI-generated memorable phrases and a platform to own them exclusively and use them to be found!

Why are taglines so important?

A tagline is a short phrase summarising a business’s overall purpose or mission. It is often used in advertising and marketing materials to create a memorable and distinct impression, crucially something easy to remember, like a logo but using words. Taglines are essential because they help a business stand out from the competition, create a memorable impression, and help customers remember you! Think of famous hooks and taglines used by big companies, these are the ones you will likely remember.

People are bombarded with advertising messages daily, in particular online. And platforms like search engines and social media want you to spend your time on their platforms, watching ads and not finding what you need, making it even more difficult to be remembered and found. A tagline can help cut through that noise and make a lasting impression on potential customers, even during a quick scroll.

At the same time, they can be used and be equally effective with other traditional promotion aids, like business cards, flyers, on a tradesperson’s vehicle or on a company’s car: catchy and clever taglines will make an impression also if just quickly passing by while driving.

The steps to create the perfect tagline

Creating a memorable tagline is more challenging than it might sound. It takes a combination of marketing, psychology, and creativity to come up with a short, catchy, memorable phrase, cleverly playing with words related to your business without being bland or intrusive advertising.

First, it’s vital to understand your target audience. Who are your customers, and what do they want? What are their pain points that you can solve? Your taglines need to speak to them and address their needs or be a great joke or pun to make a lasting impression even to the casual reader.

Then we must keep in mind that people tend to remember things that are easy to say and spell. Short phrases that generate some emotional reaction are usually the ones that get easily remembered the most (puns are a winning tactic in this case as they create laughter and positive emotional response.).

Lastly, a good tagline should be unique and differentiate your business from others. Once again, using metaphors, puns, or wordplay can be a winning tactic. Would you remember “John Smith plumber” or “Fix My Toilet” the next time you see a plumber van and need to remember about it when you need it?

The importance of testing and refining taglines

Creating the perfect tagline is a process that requires testing and refining. Even the most experienced marketers need help to come up with a short, memorable phrase that is both memorable and effective. Testing different options with different audiences and refining your tagline is essential. This can help businesses communicate the benefits of their products or services more effectively.

One way to test short, memorable phrases is to use A/B testing, where two different taglines are presented to a group of people and the one that performs better is chosen. Another way is to use surveys and ask customers to rate other memorable phrases on a scale of 1-10.

Words.Tel offers the ability to create and own several taglines for a low monthly fee, allowing you to reserve, test, and refine them. Once you choose one, you can use your slots to make owning all the variations of your best tagline easier. Or you just found that all your phrases are good, and you keep them all!

The role of taglines in SEO

Taglines can also be crucial in improving a business’s search engine ranking. Taglines are often used in website titles and meta descriptions, which can help improve search engine rankings. Many companies, even big corporations (Virgin Media being one of those), now invite people to find them using their short, memorable phrases. Using keywords in taglines can also help search engines understand a website’s content and improve its ranking.

This is why ensuring the tagline is memorable and contains relevant keywords is essential. On Words.Tel each tagline gets its own page and link (made of the words in your memorable phrase), which can help businesses improve their search engine rankings through their memorable phrase. This is done by optimising that page’s SEO and being the phrase in the URL.

Let’s try some examples!

Let’s look at some practical examples: a marketing & SEO agency, a plumber, and a graphic design agency. Each of these businesses can use taglines differently to establish their identity.

A marketing agency could use a tagline like “Be BrandTastic” or “Be SEOsational” to communicate their ability in branding and SEO and ranking while also communicating, through a simple motto, to simplify complex marketing concepts for their clients.

A plumber could use a tagline like “Leak-free guarantee” to communicate their guarantee of quality work while having a motto that rhymes and sticks into memory. Another option could be “Leakless Dreams” to convey the reliability of their jobs in time while also being creative, associating a sophisticated tagline to what is commonly considered a less sophisticated type of job.

A graphic design agency could use a tagline like “Brand Beyond Borders” to communicate its ability to create unique and eye-catching designs using an almost ‘cinematic’ tagline. Another option could be “Branding Bonanza” to display their ability to convey a message with branding and a slogan playing with word alliteration to be memorable.

Words.Tel: The solution to finding the perfect taglines and using them to be found

Creating the perfect tagline takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity. That’s where Words.Tel comes in helping. Our platform uses clever AI to generate customised taglines for your business based on several personalised parameters allowing you to craft and use different slogans or be inspired by them. 

Not only that, but our platform also allows you to be easily found using your taglines on our website, mobile app, and on any Alexa smart speaker or device, giving you unique ownership of your taglines. That means you can get a short, memorable phrase, advertise it to everyone, and anyone searching that tagline will get only to you: no competitors, no ads, no ranking, no algorithms. And you get the exact phrase on your page on our website indexed on search engines.

So take advantage of your chance to get early access to our platform. Sign up for our waiting list at and be the first to experience the power of taglines and grab your memorable phrases before anyone else!